Is your business making the most of freelance expertise?

Every business needs a range of expertise to help it reach its potential. Your service or product is just part of the package.

Marketing, customer service, sales, admin, finance, infrastructure… running a tight ship, delivering a great service and sailing smoothly into your audience’s consciousness is equally important.

Other people with specialist skills can be a valuable part of your crew. If you can’t afford to employ them full time, invest in them in the short term, or ongoingly for a certain number of hours per month.

Freelance help could be the missing link in your business, enabling you to do what you do brilliantly, while accepting that others can do the rest better.

I offer website production, copywriting, content marketing, blog management and social media management and consultancy to small businesses whose energy and time is best focused on keeping their business running and developing a solid plan for its future.

Can I help you to realise your business’s full potential and free you up to do more of what you really love ?