An overview

We believe that a successful website is more about them (the audience) + less about you (the business). When we create your website, we create the content too, so we can make sure we are fine tuning the whole package to answer your audience’s needs.
  • We create websites that convey a professional image to your audience
  • We make sure your online voice resonates with the right people
  • We give your audience added value to earn their trust
  • We communicate the compelling benefits of your product or service
  • We give your brand or business a magnetic online personality
Razzle dazzle 'em

Our services

Website Review

We can review your website and tell you what works and how it could do better. We assess the effectiveness of design, navigation, structure, social tools and SEO. We give you a no-nonsense verdict on your website content. Does the design and content work hand-in-hand to convey the special qualities of your business and the remarkable benefits you offer? You can trust us to tell you the truth and offer constructive advice.

Website Build

Wondersite websites are built using WordPress and customised to make them uniquely yours. All our websites are fully responsive, so they look and function equally well on computers, tablets and smart phones. We use WordPress to build our sites because it delivers a polished and technically sound result: professional, user-friendly, easy-to-update and equipped with the latest blogging functionality and social tools.


Our expert copywriters create quality written content. We specialise in audience-focused website copy, blog content, email newsletters, sales pages and social media content. When writing online content, we take thoughtful approach to creating something of real value that encourages social sharing. We produce offline content too, such as sales letters, press releases and brochure copy, written with the same compelling voice.

Audience Optimisation

We are not SEO gurus. However, our websites are created with an awareness of what your audience and search engines love: quality content that reflects your audience’s interests and solves their problems. We strongly support blogging and social media activity as a complement to your website. These tools enable you to create value-rich, highly shareable content on a rolling basis, which has a positive impact on your online visibility.

Multimedia Content

Our talented, highly experienced associates can deliver professional video, photography and graphics to complete your online content package. Our services include logo design, video production, photography, infographics creation and image sourcing. Creating resonant video and visual content can take the style, narrative and reach of your website to another level, while also providing valuable assets to use on social channels.

Blogging + Social Media

Is lack of time preventing you from adding fresh content to your website? Is your blog inactive? Do you use a scattergun approach to social media? If the ongoing demands of managing your website content, blog and social media is overwhelming, you can trust us to take that load off your mind. We can manage your website content, blog and social media channels for you, helping you to connect with and grow your audience.

Website Support

So you’ve commissioned a new website and it’s arrived, but what next? No matter how much you invested and how pleased you are, the truth is that your website is never finished. There will be back-ups to do, plugins to update, content to refresh and technical glitches to solve. Wondersite offers hosting and website support to clients to ensure that their website remains effective, with no hassle or unnecessary downtime.