You’ve fired off round after round of blog posts, but you’re not hitting the target! You have something useful to say, value to offer, and lots of authority in your niche, but your blog is not attracting a following, or social shares. 

The reason is: You are boring.

You have forgotten to add one vital ingredient: ‘YOU”. A bit of personality goes a long way in business blogging. A unique perspective, searing honesty, heartfelt empathy, a distinctive way of articulating a problem and its solution, humorous analogies: these are what give you standout.

You need to dig deep. On top of your experience and your knowledge and your valuable business insights, what can you add that hooks your audience, builds interest, excites and entertains?

SEO is all well and good. Understanding and responding to your audience’s needs is brilliant. These are great tactics to drive traffic to your blogs posts – but if you want to build a loyal readership that keeps coming back, you will probably need to give them more.

Effective blogging ammunition should be more than a round of blanks – dry and uninspiring facts, tips, advice and insights (no matter how useful). It should be explosive! Or at least a little bit fiesty, including cracking headlines, punchy openers, provocative statements, nerve-jangling questions and funny anecdotes.

Not all of them, all of the time. That would be a tough call… and might even get a bit tedious and try-hard! But some of these ideas, some of the time, will help spice up your blog and make it more of an inviting destination for your audience to return to frequently.

Next time you write a blog post, give it the snooze test. Is it monotonous? Does it have a headline that makes you sit up and want to know more? Does the way its written let your personality shine through?

Does it make, even you, want to nod off? (Be honest).

If the answer’s yes, rewrite it. Retain the goodness in there: the valuable information you want to share. But come at it from a different angle and try to inject a bit of ‘you’ into the mix. It might help you hit the business blogging targets that you’ve been missing so far.