You might think copywriting is airy fairy stuff… not much skill to swallowing a thesaurus and churning out clever words. Anyone can do it.

But brand copywriting really is an art. (I know, I would say that!).

Let me walk you through my process when I sit down to immerse myself in a new client’s business and define what makes their brand special.

First I start with words… single words that reflect the values and strengths of their brand.

Then, I think about very short copy. In a nutshell, isolated sentences that clearly define what they do.

Moving on, I create an audience focused para that simply conveys the benefits of their product or service to its primary audience, giving them emotive + practical + irresistible reasons to buy.

This method helps me learn about a client, get under the skin of their business, understand their audience, and identify brand messages they need to communicate.

When I come to apply this knowledge to a web page, for example, the words, phrases and sentences I use are carefully crafted to strongly reflect brand values, ethos, personality and benefits. It has nothing to do with SEO… everything to do with the audience (and what will interest them, entertain them, inspire them, build their trust… and eventually drive them to invest in the brand).

How do I know if I’ve succeeded? Well, one good way to test a piece of writing is to use Wordle.

Enter the url of a web page, or copy and paste some text from a brochure or newsletter, into Wordle to create a word cloud. The biggest words in the cloud you generate should be those that ‘matter’ to your brand, words that convey what it’s about, its ‘difference’ and what benefits it has to offer.

Try it now to see if you’re hitting the nail on the head with your brand copywriting.

Of course, the biggest test of whether copywriting ‘works’ is to identify goals and measure how successful it is in achieving specific objectives. Does the copywriting on your website/blog/newsletter/social media channels compel your audience to listen to what you’re saying, engage with you, share your content, and ultimately buy what you’re selling?

If your brand copywriting is falling on deaf ears — and making no discernible impact — stop what you’re doing and change tack. If you haven’t already got a professional copywriter on the job, get one: their input could be invaluable to your business.

Remember, words that WOW, give your brand KERRPOW!