Have you let your business blog stagnate and your social media presence fizzle out? If you have, I’ll wager that the reason was “I couldn’t think what to say!”.

Creating a constant stream of valuable, interesting, entertaining, shareable content is a tough call — and sometimes you hit a brick wall. If that sounds familiar, you need to revitalise your approach, think of new and varied types of posts to share. Take the blinkers off, get daring… have some fun with it!

8 Highly Shareable Content Types:

  1. Topical content: What’s happening in the news? Can you comment from your industry’s perspective? Take up the reins as your industry’s voice of authority. Find ways to relate current events back to your expertise.
  2. Trends: A great way to position yourself as an industry leader is to discuss trends you’re anticipating in your industry. Share your perspective on evolving trends and invite others to comment to get a conversation going.
  3. Pop Culture: You may think it’s tenuous, but can you find a way to tie-in your content to something that’s big on TV at that moment? If millions of people are online discussing the X-Factor, maybe you can use that ‘hook’ for a story.
  4. Positive Strokes: Extend your admiration for businesses in your industry that are doing something really well. Highlight the good things they’re doing and use them in your content as examples of good practise.
  5. Train Wrecks: ‘What Not To Do’ content is also relevant — and highly shareable. Have you seen someone make a hideous mistake with their use of social media? Demonstrate how you would have done things differently.
  6. Lists: Lists (like this one, hopefully) are very popular. They are easy to scan and digest — and if people agree with what you’re saying they’ll make a quick judgment to share your valuable information with their networks.
  7. Soap Box: To be handled with care, rants can be a very effective for of content to drive comments and encourage sharing. However, there is always a risk that people may strongly disagree with you, rather than support you.
  8. Interviews: Interview someone in your company or industry that people would be interested to ‘meet’ and hear their views.  To mix up the form your content takes, interviews work well in audio, video, or written text.

I hope this helps you get over your content creator’s block… Revisit your blog and social media platforms & get posting now!