Broadcasting is out, conversing is in. You have so many channels at your disposal to start a dialogue with your audience, it would be a damn shame to squander them by using a voice that fails to resonate with them, or bores the pants off them in 3 seconds flat.

Creating a consistent ‘brand voice’ across all online and offline channels of communication is the foundation for all your marketing efforts. Your voice needs to speak to your audience, make them feel as if they identify with you and (on social channels) move them to ‘like’ what you’re saying, chat with you, and share your content.

You need to build rapport, chemistry, and conversation to build your brand, grow your audience, nurture strong customer relationships… and ensure that what you have to say gets heard above the chatter put out by competitors in your industry.

7 Ways To Create A Strong Brand Voice

  1. Soul Search Your Brand: WHAT is your brand, WHO is your brand, HOW are you different, WHAT is your USP, WHAT are your values?
  2. Communicate Brand Values: Identify what matters to you in a nutshell and define language that communicates your values with clarity.
  3. Speak Naturally: Ditch corporate speak and industry jargon, pare down technical language, sound like a human not an automaton.
  4. Let Personality Shine: An entertaining, humorous voice, where appropriate, wins audiences over and works wonders for driving engagement.
  5. Create One Voice: Be consistent with the style and tone of your content across all communication channels from email up, online and offline.
  6. Clone Your Voice: Make sure all staff are given language and tone-of-voice guidelines so that everyone sings from the same hymn sheet.
  7. Be Polite, Diplomatic, Tactful: A personable voice can help you to navigate PR crises more effectively than a ‘standard corporate response’.

Remember Your Voice — and YOU — Is What People Buy…

“The art of marketing is the art of brand building. If you are not a brand you are a commodity. Then price is everything and the low cost producer is the only winner.” Philip Kotler