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Get my free Summer Holiday Planner Printable for 2017

I needed one so I made one – and you can download it for free. My Summer Holiday Planner Printable will help you keep track of who is looking after the kids and what they are doing during the epic summer holiday period.
Planning over six weeks of childcare when you and your other half work can be a complete nightmare. If you’re anything like me, having ‘The Plan’ in writing is a massive help. Print off copies for you and all those you are roping in to help, so that everyone’s on the same page!

How to Develop Great Shareable Content

Have you let your business blog stagnate and your social media presence fizzle out? If you have, I’ll wager that the reason was “I couldn’t think what to say!”.

Creating a constant stream of valuable, interesting, entertaining, shareable content is a tough call — and sometimes you hit a brick wall. If that sounds familiar, you need to revitalise your approach, think of new and varied types of posts to share. Take the blinkers off, get daring… have some fun with it!
8 Highly Shareable Content Types:

Topical content:¬†What’s happening in the news? Can you comment from your industry’s perspective? Take up […]