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How to use Wordle to refine your brand message

You might think copywriting is airy fairy stuff… not much skill to swallowing a thesaurus and churning out clever words. Anyone can do it.

But brand copywriting really is an art. (I know, I would say that!).

Let me walk you through my process when I sit down to immerse myself in a new client’s business and define what makes their brand special.

First I start with words… single words that reflect the values and strengths of their brand.

Then, I think about very short copy. In a nutshell, isolated sentences that clearly define what they do.

Moving on, I create an audience focused […]

Give your brand voice a pair of lungs!

Broadcasting is out, conversing is in. You have so many channels at your disposal to start a dialogue with your audience, it would be a damn shame to squander them by using a voice that fails to resonate with them, or bores the pants off them in 3 seconds flat.

Creating a consistent ‘brand voice’ across all online and offline channels of communication is the foundation for all your marketing efforts. Your voice needs to speak to your audience, make them feel as if they identify with you and (on social channels) move them to ‘like’ what you’re saying, chat […]

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