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Get my free Summer Holiday Planner Printable for 2017

I needed one so I made one – and you can download it for free. My Summer Holiday Planner Printable will help you keep track of who is looking after the kids and what they are doing during the epic summer holiday period.
Planning over six weeks of childcare when you and your other half work can be a complete nightmare. If you’re anything like me, having ‘The Plan’ in writing is a massive help. Print off copies for you and all those you are roping in to help, so that everyone’s on the same page!

How to Develop Great Shareable Content

Have you let your business blog stagnate and your social media presence fizzle out? If you have, I’ll wager that the reason was “I couldn’t think what to say!”.

Creating a constant stream of valuable, interesting, entertaining, shareable content is a tough call — and sometimes you hit a brick wall. If that sounds familiar, you need to revitalise your approach, think of new and varied types of posts to share. Take the blinkers off, get daring… have some fun with it!
8 Highly Shareable Content Types:

Topical content: What’s happening in the news? Can you comment from your industry’s perspective? Take up […]

4 Simple Ways to Optimise Your New Twitter Profile

Twitter’s new profile pages are bigger and bolder than before, presenting a great opportunity for you to stamp your personality on your page and stand out from the crowd.

As you get to grips with the new design, it’s a chance to refresh the way you present yourself on this platform. Are you making the most of your Twitter profile’s potential to boost your credibility and attract an influential following? Here are some simple steps you can take to boost your profile’s effectiveness…
4 Ways to Optimise Your New Twitter Profile:

The Headshot: Use a close-up headshot as your profile picture. People want […]

Why Small Business Success Depends on Freelance Expertise

Is your business making the most of freelance expertise?

Every business needs a range of expertise to help it reach its potential. Your service or product is just part of the package.

Marketing, customer service, sales, admin, finance, infrastructure… running a tight ship, delivering a great service and sailing smoothly into your audience’s consciousness is equally important.

Other people with specialist skills can be a valuable part of your crew. If you can’t afford to employ them full time, invest in them in the short term, or ongoingly for a certain number of hours per month.

Freelance help could be the missing link […]

How to use Wordle to refine your brand message

You might think copywriting is airy fairy stuff… not much skill to swallowing a thesaurus and churning out clever words. Anyone can do it.

But brand copywriting really is an art. (I know, I would say that!).

Let me walk you through my process when I sit down to immerse myself in a new client’s business and define what makes their brand special.

First I start with words… single words that reflect the values and strengths of their brand.

Then, I think about very short copy. In a nutshell, isolated sentences that clearly define what they do.

Moving on, I create an audience focused […]

How to use positive Twitter feedback

Do you know how to embed a tweet into your website when someone gives you a glowing endorsement on Twitter and you want to show it off? Here’s how:

See the 3 little dots and the word “More” that appears under every tweet? Click them to find 3 options: Share via email, embed tweet and report tweet. Click on “Embed Tweet” and steal that nifty bit of code. Simply cut and paste the code into your site, like so…

@WondersiteUK we love your way with words. You rock!— LittleNotes (@LittleNotesUK) March 28, 2014

Et voila… your totally authentic Twitter testimonial for […]

Give your brand voice a pair of lungs!

Broadcasting is out, conversing is in. You have so many channels at your disposal to start a dialogue with your audience, it would be a damn shame to squander them by using a voice that fails to resonate with them, or bores the pants off them in 3 seconds flat.

Creating a consistent ‘brand voice’ across all online and offline channels of communication is the foundation for all your marketing efforts. Your voice needs to speak to your audience, make them feel as if they identify with you and (on social channels) move them to ‘like’ what you’re saying, chat […]

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The R.E.M.E.D.Y. for negative social media comments

Social media is risky. You are out of the safety of traditional marketing trenches and striding across no man’s land. Just as much as you can enjoy positive engagement with your customers, and bask in glorious feedback from your brand ambassadors, you can also receive constructive criticism and negative or angry comments. So how do you navigate the minefield when things turn a little bit nasty?

Here is my R.E.M.E.D.Y for responding to negative comments on social media:

Respond: Never ignore a negative comment. You need to get in there and start engaging as soon as possible. A negative commenter who […]

Is Your Business Blog Firing Blanks?

You’ve fired off round after round of blog posts, but you’re not hitting the target! You have something useful to say, value to offer, and lots of authority in your niche, but your blog is not attracting a following, or social shares. 

The reason is: You are boring.

You have forgotten to add one vital ingredient: ‘YOU”. A bit of personality goes a long way in business blogging. A unique perspective, searing honesty, heartfelt empathy, a distinctive way of articulating a problem and its solution, humorous analogies: these are what give you standout.

You need to dig deep. On top of your […]

The cure for SMG: ‘Social Media Guilt’

I was at Horsham Microbiz on Saturday, exhibiting with the #SussexHour team. I am a regular host of #SussexHour, a local business networking chat on Twitter, which takes place every Thursday evening from 8.30pm. We had a ball! It was a great event, with a buzzing atmosphere.

I met lots of lovely local business people, mostly freelance and small businesses, and my opening question was “Do you tweet?”.

In many cases, this is what happened next: Furtive glances, an apologetic smile, and then:

Guilty answer A: “No. But I know I should.”

Guilty answer B: “Yes. But not enough.”

Social media is making small […]