Twitter’s new profile pages are bigger and bolder than before, presenting a great opportunity for you to stamp your personality on your page and stand out from the crowd.

As you get to grips with the new design, it’s a chance to refresh the way you present yourself on this platform. Are you making the most of your Twitter profile’s potential to boost your credibility and attract an influential following? Here are some simple steps you can take to boost your profile’s effectiveness…

4 Ways to Optimise Your New Twitter Profile:

  1. The Headshot: Use a close-up headshot as your profile picture. People want to see YOU. Ideally, the shot should be taken by a professional photographer, but failing that it should be nicely lit and composed. It definitely shouldn’t be a ‘selfie’ and you should be well presented, as you would be if you were meeting a new business prospect in the flesh.
  2. The Bio: Spend time working on your Twitter bio to ensure that it shows off your skills, expertise, personality and USPs. Resist the urge to cram this valuable space with a list of hashtags: you are not a robot and it will be more effective in the long haul to creatively communicate your ‘brand voice’.
  3. The Design: Make the most of Twitter’s new profile design opportunities, using every pixel thoughtfully to reflect your personal brand. Recommended dimensions for each design component are: Header photo/design, 1500 x 500 pixels; and profile picture, 400 x 400 pixels.
  4. Links: Maximise the flow of Twitter mobile traffic to your website by including your URL in your Twitter bio, not just in the URL field.
  5. Pin That Tweet: Does one of your tweets say in a nutshell what you’re about, or did one get retweeted endlessly because it resonated with your audience? Twitter’s new profile pages allow you to pin a sticky tweet to the top of your home page, which is bigger than other tweets for standout.

Now, you’re all set! Just the small matter of tweeting valuably to contend with…