You think you have quality content on your website? Well think again if your content is:

      • Not being ranked by search engines
      • Getting zero engagement
      • Not converting to opt-ins or sales

Quality content will achieve an uplift in search engine rankings, it will spark online conversations and it will help you meet business goals. If it’s wafting around without making an iota of impact — no matter how original and well-written it is — it’s a waste of space. So here’s what you can do better:

3 markers of quality content

  1. Joie de Vivre: Does your content have a spark, a liveliness, a personality? Or is it as dry as Ryvita? Being funny, sarcastic or opinionated doesn’t mean you’re unprofessional. Quite the opposite, by giving your content ‘flavour’ you’re increasing its chances of being read, appreciated, shared and discussed.
  2. Usefulness: Don’t obsess about brand messages and the importance of YOU. Instead, think about what you can do for your audience: how can you solve their problems, answer their questions, give them value. Great content is useful content that demonstrates your expertise and willingness to help.
  3. Box-ticking: The effectiveness of your content depends on a simple checklist of attributes: does it have a headline with “Kerrpow!”? Is the opening paragraph compelling enough to urge the reader to carry on? Have you communicated to the reader from the start “What’s in it for them?”. Is it presented in easy-to-scan bite size chunks? Have you formatted it in a way that looks appealing on all devices? Make sure you can say yes to all these questions.

Quality content is about more than impeccable, original prose. The science of amazing content (box-ticking!) is vital to back up the art of well-written material. To enjoy a valuable and enduring online life, your content must be rewarding to read and it must stand out from the glut of so-so content that saturates the Internet.

You are special, you have something brilliant to offer, but you’re going to have to produce smarter content to prove it.